NV-ID01 Desktop Case

Model No.: NV-ID01
Applicable Motherboard: ATX, Micro-ATX, ITX
Power Position: Undersetting ATX power
CPU Cooler Height Limit: 165mm
Graphics Card Length Limit: 305mm
Hard Drive Support: HDD*2 at 3.5 and SSD*2 at 2.5
Card Slot: PCIE*7
Top Interface: Audio, USB3.0*1, USB1.0*2
Air Cooling System Support:
120MM*2 fans on the top
120MM*2 fans on the front
120MM*2 fans on the back
Case Material: SPCC blackened steel plate
Steel Plate Thickness: 0.5MM
Case Side Cover:
Left full transparent acrylic / full transparent tempered glass

3 Colors Of Frame For You To Choose

ATX-BZ01 Computer Case


  • White frame
ATX-BZ01 Computer Case


  • Black frame
ATX-BZ01 Computer Case


  • Pink frame

ATX wide-body hardward

Case size: 378mmx447mm

ATX-BZ01 Computer Case

Full transparent iron mesh

8pcs cooling fans positions

ATX-BZ01 Computer Case
ATX-BZ01 Computer Case

CPU cooler height limit 165mm

Graphics card length limit 305mm

Power module length limit:

Non-modular ≤157mm

Modular ≤140mm

— Separate Hardware, Open Style Assembly —


Overhead Interface

U3 Fast Transmission

ATX-BZ01 Computer Case (d2d3)

7-Slot Expansion,

Graphics Card Easy Assembly

ATX-BZ01 Computer Case

SSD + HDD Dual Hard Drives

ATX-BZ01 Computer Case